Comics and Cocktails!

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August 5th, 2023
01:00pm - 8:00pm
Comics and Cocktails


Comics and Cocktails originated as a whimsical idea that emerged from the shared love for comics, action figures, collectibles, and, of course, the occasional drink! In the early months of 2016, fueled by extensive research and bolstered by the generous support of exceptional international distributors, they turn the idea into reality. The journey began modestly, with a small eBay shop and a relatively quiet Facebook page. However, looking ahead just one year later, they have garnered worldwide acclaim and forged valuable relationships throughout this endeavor.

Equipped with an array of global suppliers and an expanding inventory, it became evident that the logical progression was to establish their very own website. Through the platform, the aspiration to extend the same warm and personalized customer service that has been integral to our identity—a reputation they proudly uphold across various social media channels.

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